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Diversion Social Eatery

Story and photos By Natalie Behring

Although it’s cloudy outside, sunlight has found a way to blast into Diversion Social Eatery through a wall of windows. It’s best described as part cozy diner, part mod living room. Ryan Peterson and his wife, Jennifer Stone, have created a comfortable atmosphere in this Marmalade eatery known for serving up All-American foods, such as burgers, tacos, pizza and salads, that can be adapted to suit a variety of preferences. That means food choices for all, plus full bar service.

A long banquet, with a pink and blue patina, lines the wall. Tables are adjacent to one another so if you are feeling gregarious you could spark up a conversation with your neighbor. The sophisticated steel-blue interior and brushed metal countertops are contrasted by an unassuming shelf of board games and signs intended to be hokey conversation-starters, asking “What’s the weirdest thing you ever ate?” or “What color makes you the happiest?”

The food is healthy. Not a single item on the menu is fried—it’s all baked. Petersen says he and his wife both went on a health kick, which the menu reflects. Regardless of your dietary needs, there’s something for vegans, vegetarians, gluten-free, Keto or those who are just plain old hungry.

The fast-casual eatery uses the counter-service method of ordering and paying at the register. Peterson says he thought of parents and people with appointments; there’s no need for them to flag down a server and get the bill. When you’re done, you leave.

Patrons can bring their offspring and treat them to favorite kids’ meals such as cheese quesadillas or tacos. Meanwhile, Mom or Dad can order an adult beverage with their meal. And maybe, there’ll be a calm minute during which to catch a game on one of the TVs while the kids amuse themselves with board games.

Breakfast pizza

Brunch is no different. Dainty mimosas ($3) pair seamlessly with a breakfast pizza that may be the most quintessential brunch dish ever. Made in two sizes—10 or 16 inches—the pies are topped with marinara sauce, eggs, mozzarella and crunchy crispy, julienned bacon. Something magical happens with the eggs and cheese in the oven which makes the pizza light and fluffy, gentle enough for breakfast but with a flavorful “lunchy” punch.

Diversion’s B(E)LT salad

The B(E)LT breakfast salad ($7.99) is made with greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, cheese, two bespoke eggs, bacon and the star of the show, a garlicky guacamole with personality. Gorgonzola dressing is served on the side, help you control your dressing intake. For something heartier, try the steak and egg poutine ($9.99). Served in a jumbo-size bowl, baked fries are draped with tender steak slices and then covered with gravy, an egg and diced tomatoes. This dish begs to be washed down with a tangy bloody mary ($5) or the house beer, Diversion Pilsner.

Diversion’s poutine with baked french fries

Brunch is served on weekends from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The place is humming around noon with a band playing classic covers. Living up to its name, the restaurant is a place where people can hang out and find a true change of pace.

Diversion Social Eatery
535 N. 300 West, Ste. H-104, SLC

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