Autumn Bounty

Utah’s produce shines in these craveable dishes

The onset of fall brings the promise of Utah’s most bountiful season. Northern Utah’s late winter and cooler temperatures into early summer mean the balance of the region’s fresh produce is arriving at farmers markets and restaurant tables two to three weeks later than usual—so September’s harvest is on full display along with warm days and cool evenings. From cucumbers and peppers to berries and beets, here are four dishes that epitomize the best of the Wasatch.

Hamachi Crudo

Pickling is a tried and true preservation method regularly employed by White Horse in downtown Salt Lake City. The hamachi crudo ($14) uses pickled peppers for a tangy element while fresh cucumber, radish and locally grown micro greens accent the star of the show—sushi-grade raw hamachi sprinkled with furikake, a dried Japanese seasoning that brings umami to this delicate starter.

White Horse
325 S. Main, SLC

Shellfish pepper soup at Glitretind
Shellfish Pepper Soupo

Nothing says fall more than a warm bowl of soup. And Stein Eriksen’s Glitretind restaurant takes the presentation of its shellfish pepper soup ($15) to the five-star level that Deer Valley visitors demand. Artful mounds of sweet lobster, crab, shrimp and pops of caviar peek out from a bowl of crimson roasted red pepper puree. Spicy and filling, each spoonful delights the senses with notes of the sea countered by the comfort of creamy capsicum.

Stein Eriksen Lodge Deer Valley
7700 Stein Way, Park City

Beet and burrata salad at Hearth and Hill
Beet and Burrata Salad

What a gorgeous way to preserve the best of the harvest months and keep them fresh in our memories—right on the table at Hearth and Hill at Kimball Junction. The trendiest of all root vegetables, beets are the star of this dish ($15) that’s also dotted with preserved lemon for a bright, citrusy pop; fresh dill, pickled raspberries, grilled peasant bread and creamy fresh burrata.

Hearth and Hill
1153 Center Drive, Park City

Grilled peach and arugula salad at Bartolo’s
Grilled Peach & Arugula Salad

The grilled peach caprese salad ($12 lunch, $13 dinner) at Bartolo’s, also at Kimball Junction, celebrates the bountiful harvest of late summer and fall. Fresh peaches are grilled for a smoky, sweet finish that counters peppery arugula and thick slices of meaty mozzarella. Ripe heirloom tomatoes and a sweet and tangy balsamic glaze round out this salad packed with farm-fresh flavors and festive fall colors.

1241 Center Drive, Ste. L100, Park City

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