Plate It: Thai Green Curry

Tom yam kung, a sweet and sour soup
Mindful Cuisine

“You can do a lot of things in your life,” chef Linda Elbert says as she welcomes the evening’s class into the rustic chic kitchen space of her Silver Creek home. As someone who left the world of clinical psychology to graduate from culinary school and found Mindful Cuisine, the proof is most definitely in the pudding. Or, in our case, it’s in the clouds of coconut meringue.

Said meringue clouds are the dessert course of tonight’s class, which boasts a menu that includes Thai garden salad with tamarind dressing; tom yam kung, a hot and sour soup made with shrimp; and green Thai curry with chicken, vegetables and rice.

The ease of Chef Elbert’s provided recipes makes all the difference—I teamed up with a bachelorette party in town from San Diego to chop and blend the shallots, galangal, cilantro and toasted spices that would be

Coconut meringue for dessert

the foundation of our curry sauce, and I am proud to report that there were zero casualties.

At precisely the moment when it became too difficult to bask in the tantalizing scent of simmering curry any longer, Chef Elbert announced that it was ready to eat. Both the soup and salad packed a welcome but unexpected kick of heat—that lovely burn that knocks the breath right out of the back of your throat.
The green curry was everything we hoped for—a resonant balance between sharp kaffir lime leaves and creamy coconut milk. Wrapping the evening up with the crispy marshmallow of coconut meringue bridged the gap between savory and sweet with a citrus-infused passionfruit glaze.

Those who want to cook like a pro while enjoying the company of likeminded food nerds will want to check out Mindful Cuisine. It’s an evening of education, socializing and eating set against the picturesque mountain backdrop of Silver Creek.

Mindful Cuisine
354 Aspen Lane, Park City

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