Sundae Drives

Cool down with these road-trip worthy snacks, drinks and desserts

Got your motor running? If so, it’s mandatory on any road trip to stop for a sip and a nibble along the way. Treat yourself to something different than your usual iced coffee down the street or soda from your cooler. We’ve been roaming the Wasatch Front to find the perfect stop for your summer sojourn. From Taiwanese bubble tea to Italian ice, we’ve got you covered. Life is a highway; make sure you’re not running on empty.

Walt Mann Sundae
Don’t worry, Peach City is not another Utah town that you’ve never heard of. But it is one of the last drive-in diners in northern Utah. Just five minutes from Interstate 15 in Brigham City, owner Kevin Hall has been serving up Peach City’s traditional shakes, sundaes and specialty sodas (with recipes dating back to 1937) plus a few additions of his own. “We tried to keep up with the keto and gluten-free trends, but that’s just not who we are,” Hall admits, which is why he holds true to the diner’s retro vibe, complete with tableside jukeboxes and black-and-white checkered floors. If you happen to pass through on the second or fourth Thursday this summer, check out Peach City’s hot-rod car event that has become a town favorite.

The Walt Mann sundae was created as tribute to a customer by the same name who complained the sundaes were not big enough. This one features six scoops of ice cream (chosen from among 18 flavors) that are then topped with caramel, fudge, nuts, whip and cherries.

Peach City
306 N. Main St., Brigham City

The Craze

The Craze
When en route to Antelope Island’s bison, birds and scenery, consider quenching your thirst on Main Street in Layton at Soda Crazy.
Owner Shellie Nielsen mixes up the Utah soda scene with another unique option: Italian ice. Churned usually from a puree of fruit, sugar and water, Italian ice is dairy free and brings a fantastic consistency to sodas.

The Craze, with layers of custard on the top and bottom and Italian ice in the middle, is by far the most popular item.
Some flavor combinations include strawberry mango water ice with vanilla custard, coconut water ice with chocolate custard and their newest drink item, espresso blended with coconut water ice. The texture is a fine-grain, smooth feel compared to the coarse ice of snow cones.
All ice and desserts are made in-house and selected flavors are made with fresh fruit. It’s the perfect stop for a sweet bite on your highway to hell-o.

Soda Crazy About Italian Ice
1058 N. Main St., Layton

Milk Tea

Milk Tea (and More)
Located inside the University Mall food court in Orem, Chat Chat Boba had its grand opening in February. Since then, it’s taken off with locals and out-of-towners alike. The menu is fully customizable and suits all palates—with choices ranging from fresh-fruit smoothies to classic milk tea as well as popping boba and jelly mix-ins. Owner Kevin Duan imports all his ingredients from Taiwan, the origin of boba. Duan’s hopes to eventually expand his business to become a weekender hangout and a place to grab a drink before exploring some beautiful mountains and lakes in the area.

Choose from among our favorites shown above: the honeydew milk tea with strawberry jelly, coconut milk tea with strawberry popping boba, kumquat and lemon tea with rainbow jelly, classic boba milk tea, and strawberry banana smoothie with mango popping boba. Our advice? Bring a crew and try them all!

Chat Chat Boba
575 E. University Parkway, Orem

Kimball Bowl

Kimball Bowl
With a motto of “health starts here,” Ivie Juice Bar is a family-owned business founded by Nancy Gonsalves and her daughter, Ivie. As a Utah Valley University distance runner, Ivie changed her view of food and, instead of looking for quick weight loss, looked for “good fuel.”

Health-conscious fans from across the valley drive to any of their four locations for a protein shake or cold-pressed juice. Their nutritious acai bowl is a great, naturally sweet alternative snack without syrup or sugar sure to satisfy a sweet-tooth craving as you embark on your next outdoor adventure. The upscale atmosphere at the Provo location invites you to take a longer break from the road and update the ’gram.

The Kimball bowl is made with blended acai, strawberry, blueberry, pineapple, banana, peanut butter, protein and apple juice and topped with crunchy granola, fresh cut fruit, honey drizzle, coconut flakes and coconut sugar.

Ivie Juice Bar
Locations in Orem, Provo, Daybreak and Draper

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