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It’s exciting to see so many Utah chefs having fun in the kitchen—experimenting with flavor combinations and cooking methods to produce memorable meals for their guests. Some restaurants might be looking for the Instagram-worthy dish that draws new customers in to experience the wonder. Others are employing time-honored techniques that enhance flavors or textures. Whatever the reason, we took inventory of some of the most interesting cooking methods being employed around the area to bring you insights into confit, foams, smoked and sous vide preparations.

Tin Angel Café duck confit tacos

Duck Confit
Tin Angel chef and co-owner Jerry Liedtke is a legend in Utah’s culinary scene who has been recognized for his locally minded but European-inspired fare for years. His classic French duck confit features fowl that’s been seasoned and slowly cooked in its own rendered fat to create flavorful, juicy bites. Tin Angel’s duck confit is so popular that it’s found in both the tapas section of the menu as the highlight ingredient in tacos ($8.50) served with hummus, harissa and feta fried in duck fat or as an entree topping a delicate white-wine risotto ($24). You can even add it to the house gnocchi with gorgonzola sauce for just $6.50.

Tin Angel Café
365 W. 400 South, SLC

Powder’s herb-rubbed buffalo tenderloin

Herb-Rubbed Buffalo Tenderloin
Foams are an inventive way to capture flavors that not only add visual interest to a plate but also a light-as-air quality and different mouthfeel. This is particularly thoughtful when it comes to the airy foie gras foam—which captures the essence of the delicacy without the distinctive texture—found on Powder’s herb-rubbed buffalo tenderloin entree ($42). Chef Hermann Schaefer pairs these distinctive flavors with a Burgundy reduction, ratatouille and farro risotto for an elevated mountain cuisine dish perfect for a hearty evening meal in Park City.

Waldorf Astoria Park City
2100 Frostwood Drive, Park City

Cucina Wine Bar sous vide petite filet medallions

Sous Vide Petite Filet Medallions
Cucina chef Joey Ferran prides himself on crafting a creative menu that utilizes a wide variety of ingredients prepared with great attention to detail. His meticulous skill is on full display with the sous vide petite filet medallions ($26) found on the dinner menu at the wine bar. Sous vide is a simple water-bath cooking method that allows for gentle yet precise temperatures to be reached with each filet. Sous vide helps achieve even cooking from edge to edge so that a medium-rare steak is the same temperature throughout. Ferran then sears the filet to produce a well-browned crust that’s then served with red wine demiglace and a labor-intensive celery-root gratin side that almost steals the show.

Cucina Wine Bar
1026 E. Second Ave., SLC

Itto Sushi Dracula roll

Dracula Roll
Fire up the smoking gun. The Dracula roll ($12.95) at Itto Sushi brings the wow factor when it comes to presentation. The mysterious roll is served in a wooden coffin, and inside, Chef Itto Takashi has piped in cedar smoke with a smoke gun to impart a delicate smoked flavor and a certain amount of awe when the coffin is opened. When the lid is raised and the rolling wisps of smoke clear, a sushi roll filled with cucumber, avocado, spicy crab, jalapeño and shrimp tempura that’s topped with fresh albacore tuna and crunchy fried onions is revealed.

Itto Sushi
Locations in Midvale,
Orem and downtown SLC

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