Things We Love At The Chinatown Supermarket

Red Envelopes
Symbolizing good luck and warding off evil spirits, it’s traditional to give red envelopes with cash inside (hong bao or lai see) during the Lunar New Year. Married people give the envelopes to singles, and older people give them to youngsters. These gifts are a symbol of reciprocity: giving, receiving and building relationships.
$1.49 (pack of four)

Red Chopsticks
The color red symbolizes good fortune and joy and is found everywhere during Lunar New Year celebrations. Chopsticks are the dining utensils of choice for many Asians cultures, so picking up a few sets of these red chopsticks are sure to get the Year of the Pig off to a prosperous start.

Lucky Candy
The candy box plays an important role in the Lunar New Year celebration (see p. 22). When friends and family come to visit during the holiday, the candy box is offered along with blessings. Lucky Candy represents money and the sweetness of life. The candies are individually wrapped and strawberry flavored.

Frozen Rice Cakes
Rice cakes are added to stir-fries or stews during Lunar New Year celebrations. Their soft and chewy texture is a key ingredient in Korean tteokguk (rice cake soup), served on Seollal (Korean New Year). They also can be be pan-fried or charred under the broiler before finished with a spicy sauce. $2.69 

Chinatown Supermarket
3390 S. State, South Salt Lake

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