Dip and Dunk

Bread is soup’s soulmate

There’s no better time to partake in a bowl of steaming fragrant soup than during these cool, crisp autumn days. But we at Devour must interrupt your first slurp to ensure that you are appropriately prepared for your meal. Each soup, chowder or bisque requires the perfect doughy companion with which to dip, dunk and sop up every last bite. Simply put: Friends don’t let friends eat soup without bread.

Fortunately, there are two local grain giants that have perfected the art of breadmaking and are sharing their suggestions for soup and bread pairings. Stone Ground Bakery and Vosen’s Bread Paradise both have a head-spinning array of bread and baked goods—all freshly made each day. They are more than happy to guide you on your soup-and-bread matchmaking mission. (Hint: It is impossible to make a poor choice.)

Stone Ground Bakery
1025 S. 700 West, SLC, 801-886-2336, StoneGroundBakery.com
Since 1979, Stone Ground has been making carb-lovers’ dreams come true. The family-run business specializes in bakery goods ranging from breakfast breads to artisan rolls and gourmet buns. Siblings and owners Derrick Schmerse and Tammy Hines use age-old family recipes and suggest the following three options to pair with your soup du jour.

Rustic Sourdough Filoni

Crusty sourdough filoni

Stone Ground’s prized creation is the tangy rustic sourdough filoni, made from a 35-year-

old sour starter (a replacement for yeast). It’s the same crispy crusted bread offered tableside at Market Street Grill locations where you’re likely to ask for more (and more). Consider also Stone Ground’s soup bowl, which is made similarly to the sourdough filoni (with less of the sour starter) and complements thicker soups and chowders.

Pairs well with:
Clam chowder
Chicken and dumpling soup

Crusty sourdough filoni

Baci Roll
The dense baci roll is popular among Stone Groun

d customers for its versatility. The rolls come in asiago, harvest grain or Tuscan styles and feature a chewy consistency with a caramelized crust. Just reheat them to achieve desired crispiness.

Pairs well with:
Chicken noodle soup
Lentil soup
Vegetable soup

Crusty sourdough filoni

Stone Ground’s breadsticks are perfectly suited for your meal. Expertly fermented and steamed, they come plain with a crunchy exterior and chewy crust, or “loaded” with garlic, onions and parmesan cheese.
Pairs well with:
Bean soup
Tomato basil soup

Vosen’s Bread Paradise
328 W. 200 South, SLC, 801-322-2424, Vosen.com
In 1997, master baker Markus Vosen put Vosen’s Bread Paradise on the map as the German bakery in Utah. Since taking over the business in 2004, David and Michelle Porter have continued to employ the artisan methods Vosen perfected, along with introducing David’s own culinary innovations: Nutella pastry and croi-liners, anyone? But first, consider these three options to accompany your soupy desires.

Crusty sourdough filoni

This robust and full-flavored German farmer bread is one of Vosen’s most popular classic bakery offerings. The white-rye flour combination makes it a versatile companion to many soups.
Pairs well with:
Broccoli cheddar soup
Cauliflower soup
German potato soup

Pretzel Roll
You can’t mention a German bakery without a pretzel-inspired creation. This pretzel roll has a crisp, salty crust and a soft interior. If you don’t accidently devour it on its own, it makes a perfect soup sidekick.
Pairs well with:
Beer and cheese soup
French onion soup
Lobster bisque

Crusty sourdough filoni

Seven-Grain Bread
Perhaps the most wholesome choice on the menu, this seven-grain bread is packed with sesame seeds, flax seeds, oats and sunflower kernels. It’s a rich, dense bread that complements less-hearty soups.
Pairs well with:
Butternut squash soup
Chicken noodle soup
Garden vegetable soup

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