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Les Madeleines Sesame Chicken Wrap

Anyone even remotely familiar with Romina Rasmussen’s Les Madeleines Patisserie Café knows of her world-class baked goods, and especially her renown kouing aman. Beginning with an Easy-Bake Oven before going on to train at the French Culinary Institute, Rasmussen now creates pastries that would be the envy of many a Parisian pâtissière, from macarons and shortbread cookies to her amazing Paris-Brest hazelnut cream puff and scrumptious strawberry charlotte.

the-deconstruct2But alas, man (and woman) cannot live on pastries alone. And you don’t have to since Les Madeleines café menu offers a range of wholesome foods such as breakfast sandwiches, crêpes, housemade jams and an inviting selection of lunchtime temptations.

“Sales of our sesame chicken wrap always spike in January when people are trying to stick to New Year’s resolutions and eating healthier,” Rasmussen says. To make the wrap, she starts with a whole Mary’s chicken. “We use the entire thing,” she says. “The bones are used for stock and after poaching, we use both dark and white meat for the sesame chicken wrap.”

Rasmussen believes in the importance of using the best ingredients, like Mary’s organic chicken. Her sandwiches and wraps are simple, straightforward and sensational. To assemble the sesame chicken, round Vietnamese rice paper serves as the platform. The rice paper is stuffed with sesame-oil tossed shredded chicken, black and white sesame seeds, chopped scallions, fresh cilantro and kissed with mayo. Alongside are salted edamame pods and a light miso dipping sauce. It’s so healthy and wholesome that you won’t feel too guilty about following it up with a tarte tatin.

216 E. 500 South, SLC

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