Things We Love Cheese Edition

Rogue River Blue
This blue cheese is the first U.S. cheese to win the top prize at the World Cheese Awards and is produced in Central Point, Oregon. The cheese is made from aged cows’ milk and wrapped in pear liqueur-soaked Syrah grape leaves. The result is a mild and creamy texture that melts in your mouth.

“People who have been in the cheese world for a long time primarily will have a taste and a smell capability for defects in cheese,” said Steven Rosenberg, owner of Liberty Heights Fresh market. “These cheeses are very unique, and they hold absolutely no defects. They are extraordinary.” ($49.99 per pound)

Finca Pascualete Pascualino
This cheese from Spain took home a bronze from the 2017-18 World Cheese Awards and is produced from raw sheep’s milk. The young cheese has sweet flavor profiles with a hard, dense texture and can stand alone on a cheese board. “People wonder why craft foods cost more,” Rosenberg says. “It is not made in a factory. People make this by hand. These are Old World traditions, done in an Old World way. No one cut any corners to make these.” ($40 each)

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Époisses de Bourgogne
Also known as “stinky cheese,” Époisses is a soft cow’s milk cheese with a crust and a runny center from France’s Burgundy region. This year it took home eighth-place in the World Cheese Awards and was notably the only French cheese on WCA’s Top 16 Cheeses in the World. “Everyone talks about tertiary flavors, wine pairings, etc. I think that it is a bit illusive, but [the pairing experience] is guaranteed with Burgundian wine and Epoisses,” says Matt Caputo, Caputo CEO. “For me, if we don’t have this cheese, we are not a real cheese shop.” ($19.99 for 8.8 ounces)

The Copper Caputo
The Copper Caputo is a collaboration between Caputo’s and Copper Onion. They start with a young Asiago and slathered in a thick reduction of Montmorency cherries, Luxardo liqueur and brandy made by Copper Onion. This cow’s milk cheese is then house-aged for 16 months to create a crunchy, moist paste with toffee and pecans notes that pops with cherry. Pair it with sherry, lambic beers and pinot noir. ($13.49 for 1/2 pound)

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