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Tired of all the fancy, rich, celebratory holiday food and just want something simple to satisfy your hunger in the middle of all the hubbub? Sometimes, a simple burger fits the bill perfectly. Come mid-December, frankly, this writer craves digging her teeth into a delicious, juicy burger. And now, with the high-quality ingredients of Just Burgers, you can get just that—a simple, delicious burger, and one that even the most finicky of foodie snobs will approve of.

Harmons Just Burgers features 1/3-pound patties that are a custom blend of Snake River Wagyu and Double R Ranch choice beef.
Just Burgers garden burger

Chef Aaron Ballard of Harmons Grocery did his research and perfected the flavor by combining just the right ratio of marbling for the 1/3-pound All-American patty that’s a custom blend of Snake River Wagyu and Double R Ranch choice beef. The burger at Just Burgers is fired up on the flat-top grill (using rennet instead of vegetable oil) and is cooked to-order and served with or without melted American cheese.

Just Burgers katsuburger (chicken)

The bun, which is a local Stone Ground Bakery ciabatta bun, is lightly toasted and perfect for holding its shape even if you pile on the toppings. There’s a gourmet burger-toppings bar, complete with freshly sliced tomatoes, lettuce, onions, arugula, pickles, beets, jalapenos, pineapple, grilled mushrooms and roasted garlic. Along with those toppings come a variety of sauces—fry sauce, mayo, mustard, ketchup and the like—of which a favorite of mine is a house-made savory aioli. And the fries! The potatoes are hand-cut fresh daily each morning and timed to be placed hot on your plate to accompany your burger.

Just Burgers teriyaki burger

Seriously, there are so many great reasons to gather at Just Burgers on the Café Level of Harmons, from a lunch reunion with an old friend to meeting up with a large group. Heck, bring the family down before taking in the festivities downtown or going to the slopes. And where else can you find free covered parking—an important consideration this time of year?

Below the café level, there’s an entire grocery store where you can shop for local food gifts and get a party tray. Celebrating the holidays with a great burger and fries is everything that the ham and turkey dinner is not—it’s such a nice way to “hit the spot” and take a break from the hustle and bustle. The best finish? You won’t even have to clean the dishes.

Just Burgers
Harmons City Creek
135 E. 100 South, SLC

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