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Harmons Cooking School builds confidence, skills and a healthy appetite

Story and photos by Mika Lee & Cait Lee

Homemade dinner. Not only are the flavors satisfying, but you have total quality control and can customize any dish just the way you like it.

But for many, home cooking is a daunting task. After a long day at work, cooks must deal with the grocery store maze while scanning their phones for recipes and ingredients. Once home, home cooks need to wield a knife without cutting themselves (or others) and prepare a meal that might not turn out as planned let alone be palatable. Finally, they need to summon the energy to clean up the kitchen while in a food coma. In short: cooking at home can be overwhelming.

So what could possibly reduce the amount of “whelm”? That’s where Harmons Cooking School comes in. We signed up for classes at Harmons in-store, state-of-the-art kitchens and discovered how easy food prep can be.

We learned skills. We practiced technique. We now feel like the Top Chef of our home kitchen after taking just four fabulous courses.

With seven cooking schools across Utah (and several more to come), Harmons hosts a roster of classes that rotate monthly, taught by chefs who personalize lesson plans. “Each full-time chef is creating a customized experience,” Tyler Kofoed, director of Harmons Cooking School and Catering, says. “They dream it, plan it, build it and see the results—teaching up to 29,000 students a year.”

Harmons chefs and sous chefs bring impressive and varied backgrounds. Plus, the chef-inspired recipes are sure to live on forever in your kitchen. Above all, classes are fun and hold a high entertainment value. To sign up for a class near you, visit the website below.

Harmons Cooking School and Catering

Knife Skills
This class comes highly recommended if your knife skills could use a little sharpening. If you’ve ever worried that slicing onions could send you on a trip to the ER, this class is for you. It’s also fantastic for anyone who is comfortable around knives but has never received formal training. Don’t know how to core a tomato? Chef Freyka Nuñez Del Prado has you covered. The best part is you get to keep the knife you’ve been practicing with. Harmon’s offers Master Knife Skills on Aug. 6 at Traverse Mountain, Aug. 8 at Bangeter Crossing and Aug. 14 at City Creek. $75 includes meal and knife.

Hasta La Pasta
Developed by chef Casey Bowthorpe, this “date-night” class is for Italian food lovers (age 21 and over) who want to go easy on the pasta. Unheard of, you say? I’d never heard of American wagyu steak saltimbocca. Or tried broiling veggies instead of roasting. Or added cheese rinds to enhance a gravy. You can buy all the ingredients to re-create this special dish at Harmons Grocery after class. Class fee: $75. Meal includes wine pairings as well as non-alcoholic beverages.

What the Pho!
For this training, Chef Casey uses the modern-day kitchen mainstay: the Instapot. With innovations such as this one, the set-it-and-forget-it method makes cooking a breeze. Cooking time for previously daunting tasks, such as making stock for pho, can be reduced from 12 hours to only 2. You’ll go home with delicious recipes to impress your family and re-create the magic. Don’t pho-get to sign up for this Instapot class on Aug. 8 at Station Park. $60

Off the Grill
Chef Freyka teaches the art of using a grill at home, making it fun and easy, regardless of the weather. The indoor/outdoor class utilizes heat and fire for the perfect char-grill look. From grilled salads to grilled/roasted spatchcocked chicken, after just two short hours, you’ll know how to release all the flavors of your meats and veggies like a seasoned grillmaster. Let Chef Freyka take your skills to the grill at the Traverse Mountain location on Aug. 2. $60

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