Things We Love

1: Traeger Wood-Fired Grills

With the invention of its wood-pellet grill 32 years ago, Traeger changed the way people approached backyard barbecuing. Traeger is in the process of “reinventing” its original grill and has launched a new series that includes the following features:

• WiFIRE technology allows smartphone users to connect to their grill and control temperature, monitor food temperatures and set timers.

• D2 direct drive is a variable speed fan and auger that allows a wider temperature range while also getting the grill hotter faster.

• Meat searing/pellet sensing: The new series has the ability to sear meats as well as notify users of the amount of pellets remaining in the hopper, helping them avoid the fate of running out of fuel and ruining those long overnight cooks.

Traeger Grills use 100% all-natural hardwood pellets as fuel. The versatility of the grill’s design allows you to grill, smoke, bake, roast and braise.
“There is no brand in the world that inspires the level of passion as Traeger,” Jeremy Andrus, Traeger Grills CEO, says. “When you share food with people you care about, especially food that you have thoughtfully prepared yourself, you have this warm, bonding and communal experience.”

Prices vary

2: Miss Essie’s Southern BBQ sauces

Using a 100-year-old family recipe, former University of Utah football player Marcus Jones embarked on a food-industry quest in 2003 to “bring the South to your mouth.”

Today, Miss Essie’s is a full-service catering, food processing/manufacturing business that sells precooked smoked meats and distributes four organic barbecue sauces: original, honey, cider vinegar and honey mustard.

Purchase online and at Harmons, 16-ounce bottle, $5.99

3: Big Daddy Hill’s Java Joe’s Cow Rub

This espresso barbecue rub, created by Lee Hill, not only imparts a smoky, chocolate flavor to enhance your steaks, it also acts as a tenderizer thanks to its natural acidic tones. Mix with ground beef for burgers or add to your chili. Never bitter, it just adds a hint of spice.

Purchase online and at Fresh Market, 7-ounce bottle, $7.99

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