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Taste buds will soar with an order of 11Hauz’s jerk chicken wings
JerK Chicken Wings with Mango-Pineapple Chutney

The story of 11Hauz’s jerk chicken wings begins with the warm flavor of the allspice berry—the star of jerk seasoning. 11Hauz chef/owner Sheron Grant orders allspice berries whole, grinds them fresh and adds crushed Scotch bonnet pepper along with other seasonings. She then rubs this spice mix all over the wings and lets the flavors wed overnight.

Meanwhile, Grant makes a chutney to go with the wings. This is no ordinary chutney, and it makes these already unique wings next-level. Finely chopped pineapple and mango cook down to a jammy consistency with organic brown sugar and a secret blend of spices.

What follows are three cooking processes. First, the wings are baked for 20 minutes, then go into the deep fryer for about four minutes to crisp the skin. The final step is a quick sauté in a skillet with the mango-pineapple chutney just to coat the wings and warm the chutney.

Buffalo and ranch have got nothing on these juicy jerk wings with the tropical, tangy chutney. Grant admits that it did take her a few tries to get the flavors right, adding in garlic, upping the jerk seasoning flavor and dialing back the Scotch bonnet to make the wings palatable to all guests—kids included (though, if you ask for more heat, she’ll spice it up).

The roots of this recipe—and all the recipes at the family-run 11Hauz—trace back to Grant’s Grandma Florence, who walked 11 miles to and from work everyday (hence, the name). This is one of those dishes that you could recreate at home, but it’s complex and time-intensive enough that you would be better off digging in at 11Hauz’s colorful café in Newpark Town Center, trusting Grant to finesse wings so good, they’re one in a dozen.

1241 Center Dr., Park City

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