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Sundance Foundry Grill

Who wouldn’t want to make themselves at home along the slopes of Mount Timpanogos? Fall and winter here are magical, affording close proximity to wildlife and nature’s quietude along with dramatic scenery as mountain foliage changes hues. Nestled in these autumnal canyons sits Sundance Resort, a place recognized for its rustic yet classy style in all things related to food, lodging and outdoor activities. And, apropos of this bucolic backdrop, the resort’s Foundry Grill, along with its hearty seasonal cooking, celebrate the pioneer tradition.

An aspen grove beckons diners

A foundry is a workshop for casting metal, and as such, the Foundry Grill’s rustic walls are covered with remnants of metal farm equipment. The dining room’s tables and chairs appear to have been carved from a nearby felled tree. Large windows allow diners to gaze out on the aspen-covered grounds. After a meal of steaks, classic burgers, Utah trout or elk osso bucco, visit the resort’s glass-blowing studio to watch artists at work.

Metal tools celebrate Utah’s pioneer tradition

Circled by trees, the Foundry Grill’s homey patio with fire pits and chairs is just the place for late-night conversation and stargazing (though at this time of year, it might be a bit chilly to linger outside for long).

Mountain dining for outlaws and horse whisperers

Notably, though, late November is the perfect occasion to visit as the Foundry Grill offers a full Thanksgiving buffet from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., featuring chef Alex Izatt’s take on classic turkey, cranberry, stuffing, rolls, potatoes (in various forms) and the not-so-classic seafood table, roast beef and other meat choices. Later in your meal, choose from a selection of pies and cakes.

Enjoy wines from the Sundance wine label

Sundance Mountain Resort
8841 N. Alpine Loop Road, Sundance
Open Thanksgiving, Nov. 22, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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