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Wholesun Wellness Mushroom Extracts
A search for healthy salad toppers took us to the Healthy Food Expo where we found Wholesun organic mushroom extracts, grown on native wood and free of binders and fillers. Wholesun, based in Sandy, makes its own custom blends from a variety of mushrooms including the highly touted Reishi (pictured). Added to any food or drink, but especially a salad, these mushrooms add vitamins, minerals and immune-boosting compounds.
60 grams, $44.95 



Interstate Bait Hemp Seeds
Hemp seeds are a quality addition to sneak into any salad. This cousin to cannabis has no THC, so it won’t get you high. But its health benefits will give you a buzz: They’re not only a source of high-quality plant-based protein but are also a source of hemp oil, fiber and heart-healthy magnesium. Interstate Bait’s Hemp Seeds come in variety of flavors including salted honey, salty pepper and sea salted. Available online and at Harmons locations.
$1.99, 50g packet



Jim’s Jar-Top Fermentor
With his colorful jars full of cabbage and carrots on display, Jim Sumsion’s booth at the Healthy Food Expo looked like a science lab. On top of each jar was his custom plastic airlock that turns any wide-mouth canning jar into a fermenter for making small batches of pickles, sauerkraut and kimchi—you know, that healthy stuff you can add to salads containing oodles of probiotics. Check out his Facebook page for appearances where you can buy his fermentor kit. Retails for $20 at Redmond Heritage Farm Stores and Bosch Kitchen Center in Sandy as well as



The Hive Winery Summer Mead
What wine to drink with salads? As residents of the Beehive State, isn’t it time we embraced honey wine? Made from fermented honey, mead might well be the world’s oldest alcoholic drink. Layton-based Hive Winery goes for a wine style of mead that boasts a honey gold color and fragrance of apple blossoms. With floral and pineapple notes, Summer Mead starts out full-bodied and semi-sweet and ends with a touch of bitterness (like how many Utahns feel in an election year).
State Liquor Stores, $15 

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