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Primo salads that bring the flavors of the world to your dining table

Don’t feel like cooking tonight but still craving the crunch and crisp of well-composed salads? Many a chef in Utah takes pride in chopping, arranging and combining proteins, greens, dressings and toppings to create a mouthwatering salad that not only tastes heavenly but looks so elegant it shows up in many an Instagram post. Check out these six for a round-the-world experience, one that is just right for a summer repast.

Taqueria 27’s Butter Leaf Lettuce Salad pictured above
$4.50 small, $9 large
Yes, Taqueria 27 locations along the Wasatch Front are known for their inventive tacos and mind-bending guacamole creations, but diners in the know should look to the salad menu for real kick. The T27 salad secret lies in the green chile Gorgonzola dressing. Rich, creamy and pungent blue cheese melds with spicy chile that’s generously distributed on crisp butter leaf lettuce, and tossed with fresh pears for a hint of sweetness and pumpkin seeds for crunch. The small order of this punchy salad is the perfect complement to any T27 taco; the large serves as an entrée as you sip margaritas on the patio. (Heather L. King)

Multiple locations

Stanza Italian Bistro & Wine Bar’s Caesar Salad With Anchovies, $11 ($9 without anchovies)
The beauty of a good Caesar salad is the adherence to classic ingredients. Stanza’s Caesar salad is a standard-bearer in Salt Lake. Having graced the menu since the restaurant’s opening, you’ll find crisp romaine hearts hand-coated with tangy, housemade Caesar dressing and accented with crunchy olive oil croutons, plenty of shaved Parmesan and marinated white anchovies—which are optional. Stanza’s Caesar is available on both the lunch and dinner menus year-round. (HLK)



454 E. 300 South, SLC 

HSL’s Fried Chicken Chop Salad, $16
One of the many distinct pleasures of dining at HSL is the artistry shown in the presentation of each plate. This is no more apparent than with the salads available during lunch and brunch. Served on a painter palette-inspired board, HSL’s fried chicken chop salad is outlined with a thick ring of creamy whipped ranch dressing. Inside the line, a mix of greens are piled high, topped with crispy fried bacon lardons, eggs and chunks of golden fried chicken, creating a culinary masterpiece. (HLK)




418 E. 200 South, SLC 


Indochine Vietnamese Bistro’s Bun Cha Gio, $12
Indochine’s Vietnamese noodle salads bring together the perfect ingredients for a satiating summer salad that’s easy to fall in love with on their patio near the University of Utah. Nestled on a bed of lettuce, fresh julienned cucumbers, raw bean sprouts and vermicelli rice noodles, the bun cha gio is topped with Saigon crispy spring rolls filled with ground pork, cabbage and carrots. Marinated radishes, carrots and crushed peanuts top everything off with a side of sweet and spicy chile vinaigrette. For a spicier alternative, try the chicken curry noodle salad. (HLK)



230 S. 1300 East, SLC 


Mekong Café’s Larb, $9.95
For 18 years, Brenda and Ross Hungmany have plied their trademark Thai cuisine in Midvale with a menu of authentic, beautifully presented and flavorful entrées, salads and desserts. The larb hails from the Isan region of Thailand. Ingredients in this signature creation—bean sprouts, cucumber, tomato, cilantro and red and green onions—are served at the height of crisp freshness. The meat—either chicken or beef—is consistently moist and flavorful. Their refreshing housemade dressing is flavored with lime juice, fish sauce and roasted rice crumbs. Sticky rice prepared to a perfect warmth and consistency accompanies the salad and adds a delightful texture. (Carolyn Campbell)

7777 S. State, Midvale


Cannella’s Italian Salad, $11
It’s Cannella’s 40-year anniversary, and the family-owned Italian restaurant has enjoyed continued success thanks in large part to its delicious menu, featuring recipes that have been passed down for generations. And while the creations of late founder Joe Cannella’s mother are featured most prominently on the menu, the Italian salad, a perennial favorite, was inspired and created by Cannella himself.

The rich, filling salad never gets old. Made up of mixed greens, Colosimo’s spicy sausage, mozzarella, cucumbers, garbanzo and kidney beans, beets and pepperoncini, it’s served with Cannella’s favorite—and now-signature—mix of Italian and blue cheese dressing. (Kate Pappas)

204 E. 500 South, SLC

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