The Eklektik

Soul Kitchen, Brews & Store

Walking into The Eklektik, you quickly get a sense of the owners’ sense of whimsy. Built and furnished using mostly recycled materials, the space is designed as a restaurant, event and art space. One wall is covered exclusively with paper menus from hundreds of restaurants. Looking up, there’s a rainbow-colored border created with assorted cards while other walls are painted with striking murals or festooned with a trio of mannequin legs wearing alarmingly high heels. The front of an old blue car directs diners toward the restrooms. Each chair, table, dish, glass and art piece is a “throwaway” given a second life at The Eklektik.

The menu is as eccentric as the décor, reflecting the Latin American influences of owners Aliza Levy Sidi—a former Mexico City TV producer, restaurateur and artist (she also painted the wall murals)—and her husband, Sion Croudo, a music aficionado who operated restaurants in Mexico City and San Diego. Sourcing food locally as much as possible, The Eklektik is preparing to pluck fresh veggies from its own on-site garden.

Don’t look for smothered burritos on this menu. Instead, you’ll find intriguing offerings like hibiscus flautas, grilled cactus leaf topped with refried beans and black beer bondiolas made with pork loin, onions, mushrooms, black beer and heavy cream.

The Eklektik encourages indulging your curiosity and rewards you with a unique sensory overload.

The Eklektik
60 E. 800 South, SLC

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