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It stands to reason that Salt Lake’s godfather of delis would sell the godfather of pasta flours. Italian flours are classified by how finely they are ground, with the roughest being tipo 1 and the finest tipo 00. Not only is Caputo Chef’s Flour Tipo 00 the most refined, it has less gluten than most flours, creating a silkier dough that maintains a chewiness when the pasta is cooked. Available at Caputo’s Market & Deli (314 W. 300 South, SLC, 801-531-8669, $3.99


If ever there were a reason for a cheesy grin, it’s Polly-O Original New York Ricotta Cheese, sold at Caputo’s Market & Deli (314 W. 300 South, SLC, 801-531-8669, Sweet and mild Polly-O ricotta, now a Kraft brand, descended from a line of Italian cheesemakers who use the open-fire method. Made from whole milk, its soft, moist, snowy-white texture makes it perfect for lasagna, cannelloni, gnocchi and stuffed shells as well as for cannolis and cheese blintzes. So good! $5.99


In search of a great finishing oil for pasta or pesto? Carling at Caputo’s Market & Deli (314 W. 300 South, SLC, 801-531-8669, recommends Bariani cold-extracted extra virgin olive oil. Made from green olives harvested at family orchards near Sacramento, Calif., this oil is high in chlorophyll. Its artichoke-grass finish has a bitterness that adds a pleasing complexity to food. Green olives don’t contain much olive oil, so this oil’s more expensive to produce. But your birthday’s coming, right? $19.99


Most foodies fantasize about owning a pasta-machine, hand-cranking spaghetti for the family Sunday dinner. Well, now, Spoons ‘N Spice (2274 S. 1300 East, No. G9, SLC, 801-263-1898, makes it easy for you to get cranking with its Marcato’s Atlas 150 Wellness stainless-steel machine. Made in Italy, it rolls and cuts pasta dough for lasagna, fettuccine and tagliolini at home. Plus, there’s accessories for shapes and ravioli. It’s on sale (while supplies last) at $89.

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