Seasons Plant Based Bistro

Amid the pawn shops and industrial buildings of State Street, Seasons Plant Based Bistro stands out. The rustic wooden sign, with its attractive white lettering, set against the dramatic, dark painted brick exterior is designed to catch your eye and pique your curiosity.

Occupying the former Bakery Street space, the vegan restaurant is small but comfortably seats about 20. The décor isn’t fussy or flashy—it’s inviting and pleasing. Deep walnut-colored wood floors and tables are contrasted by black booths and tan painted walls. The eatery has just enough décor to feel cozy.

You’ll see daily specials scrawled across a chalkboard, and a single bloom gracing each table. A large frosted-glass window invites natural light in but shields patrons from the outside world. Funky music accentuates the relaxed mood.

The table service is affable; I felt like I was chatting with a good friend when I asked questions about the menu and ordered my food. The menu features plant-based French and Italian fare crafted from organic, local, whole foods.

The rich and creamy bacon carbonara ($14) was decadent enough to scratch an itch for something naughty, with housemade fettuccine swimming in velvety carbonara sauce, and delectable smoky mushroom bacon. Fresh herbs and tart cherry tomatoes rounded out the flavor.

Hand-cut ravioli ($14) are lovingly crafted from housemade pasta and stuffed with butternut squash, drenched in a rich brown butter consommé, and dotted with fennel sausage. These tender dumplings are full of flavor and so satisfying.

With a menu that challenges your notions of comfort food, along with a compelling wine and beer list, Seasons makes the ideal spot for an intimate meal.

Seasons Plant Based Bistro
Bacon Carbonara featured image

1370 S. State, SLC

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