Dinner At Your Door: Wasatch Fresh

Your dream of a chef-made meal delivered to your home comes true

Ever wished you could dig into a truly inspired meal from the comforts of your home—one that was prepared by someone else and then brought to your door? Well, then, you’ll be glad to know that dreams do come true in the form of Wasatch Fresh. Created by Italian-trained chef Page Ane Viehweg, the service allows you to select from a rotating menu of delectable offerings that include dishes like Thai coconut shrimp with squash, steamed jasmine rice and cucumber salad, broccoli & mushroom crêpes and vegetable lentil soup.

“It is nice for my clients who work all day to not have to worry about cooking dinner,” Viehweg says. “I feel that so many people either don’t have time to cook or maybe don’t like to cook—we deliver you a meal that is already done.”

To say Viehweg knows her way around the kitchen is an understatement. Although a native of Utah, she spent several years in commercial kitchens in California and Italy, as well as serving stints as a personal chef and residential chef at Sur la Table in Salt Lake City.

“It was my neighbor’s suggestion that got me started in this over a year ago,” Viehweg says. “It took a lot of time and meetings until we finally launched it in June 2016. I change my menu weekly, I do not repeat very often, and [if I do,] it is usually something that is requested by clients.”

The concept of having fresh, fully cooked meals delivered to your doorstep is definitely catching on. In just over a year, Wasatch Fresh has grown to serving hundreds of clients each week.

All recipes have Viehweg’s personal attention to detail. Before ever making it onto the menu rotation, each meal has been tested, tweaked and reheated to ensure taste and quality.

Viehweg likes to change things up. “I like to go out to eat and try new things,” she says. “There are a million different ways to cook chicken. It’s is so exciting [to be] creative.”

The menu rotates daily from poultry entrées to pork, seafood, red meat and vegetarian. Because she studied in Italy, that country’s cuisine remains her favorite. “It is on the menu at least once a week,” she says.

If one of the menu items does not appeal to your taste buds, you can skip that delivery with notice. “I do the menus four weeks out so people can see what is planned in advance,” Viehweg says. Not only does she keep things seasonal as much as possible, but she partners with local businesses to use local products. As the name of her business suggests, “I am big on fresh ingredients,” she says.

Viehweg is her own toughest critic, making sure quality is at the forefront of all her products. Above all, she wants her meals to be nutritious. “The way I cook for my family is the way I cook for my clients,” she says.

Wasatch Fresh meals are made in a commercial kitchen and packaged, with attention to presentation, in a to-go container that can be simply heated for one to two minutes before eating. In addition, a description of each food item, along with a snippet of food trivia, is included.

Members who sign up for the service are provided with a soft-sided cooler to place at their door that will be filled with tasty meals. Guaranteed fresh for up to three days in the refrigerator, the meals cost $12 each and can be purchased in meal plans that are delivered two to five days per week.

Wasatch Fresh
Thai coconut shrimp with squash

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