A Sweet Stroll

Love can be fickle, so eat dessert now

A romantic dinner is all well and good, but we always hope it leads to one thing: dessert. Multiple desserts, if you please!

Let’s face it, a Valentine’s meal can leave you full, dull or stressed out. What’s more, not everyone has a dining companion on that special night. So why not take a different route on the holiday of love? Consider joining family or friends for a downtown dessert stroll, either to burn off calories after a lavish meal or in lieu of a meal itself. We’ve mapped out an easy road to dessert nirvana.

Grapefruit & Honey Panna Cotta pictured above
Pastry chef Jessica Burge likes to create seasonal desserts, utilizing imagination and fresh ingredients for a familiar yet unique version of goodness. This scrumptious panna cotta combines grapefruit and honey topped with a fennel and brown butter crumb, wedge of fresh grapefruit, fennel frond and Maldon salt.

Panna cotta is classified as a custard although it doesn’t contain eggs and isn’t tempered with hot milk. This Italian dessert is made with cream and milk, heated with a sweetener and then set with gelatin, resulting in a very light and creamy consistency. Adding honey relieves the grapefruit’s bitterness while the fennel seed in the brown butter crumb adds a hint of licorice flavor.

The Copper Onion
111 E. 300 South, SLC

Bourbon Butterscotch Pudding
Bourbon butterscotch pudding with salted whiskey caramel, crème fraîche and bourbon bacon caramel popcorn is a delectable combination of sweet, salty and crunchy with just a hint of sour.

Created by chef Matt Crandall, the recipe begins by browning butter and then adding brown sugar and bourbon. The nuttiness from the browned butter and sugar imparts the butterscotch flavor. From there, milk and cream are added and thickened with egg yolks and corn starch. Served in a Mason jar and topped with whiskey caramel, crème fraîche and popcorn, this pudding makes you nostalgic while also hitting those adult taste buds with a boozy highlight.


White Horse Spirits & Kitchen
325 S. Main, SLC

16 Flavors to Suit Any Fancy
The owners of Buds Sandwich Shop and BoltCutter—Roxy Planteur and Alex Jamison—were looking for a way to expand their vegan offerings—and ice cream seemed like the best fit. They were also drawn to the notion that ice cream is typically associated with a celebration and has a happy aura overall. In addition, they’re committed to educating the public about delicious alternatives to dairy, such cashew and coconut milk, which they use to make their vegan ice cream. It has a surprisingly similar creamy texture to the dairy ice cream.
Try the classic mint chocolate chip or rocky road, or branch out to a flavor like their Tea & Biscuits, made from Earl Grey tea as the base with sugar cookie bits throughout.

53 E. Gallivan Ave., SLC

Macarons and More
Walking into Fillings & Emulsions is a treat for all the senses. Pastry chef and owner Adalberto Diaz has display cases full of beautiful treats from Cuban meat pies to his signature macarons. They typically sell more than 300 dozen in a month’s time. The rainbow of colors is beyond enticing, and it seems almost impossible to choose just one from among the 15 flavors that include vanilla salted caramel, raspberry chocolate, orange mandarin yuzu and passion pineapple lime.
After two years of experimentation, Diaz perfected the recipe he originally learned over seven years ago from French pastry chefs in Chicago. He adjusts it depending on the weather. The confections are created at a different location from their other pastries in order to maintain their gluten-free standards. They make close to 2,000 a day to keep up with the demand. Stop in, grab a dozen before they disappear for the day.

Fillings & Emulsions
1475 S. Main, SLC

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