Eat Your Veggies

A visual feast of invigorating autumn dishes

In November, the turkey seems to get all the attention. But Thanksgiving and autumnal meals would be nothing without their supporting sides—primarily the flavorful colorful vegetable dish. Here we explore four veggie dishes found around valley restaurants that deserve a starring role at any table.

Buffalo roasted cauliflower $8 pictured above
If the proliferation of cauliflower dishes on the hottest chefs’ menus are any indication, it’s definitely the vegetable on fire. Executive Chef Matt Crandall put together this Buffalo-roasted cauliflower small plate as part of the opening menu at White Horse downtown. Roasted to bring out the earthiness of the floret, it’s bathed in a kicky Buffalo sauce then placed atop a flourish of gorgonzola crème fraîche that will leave you fighting with your tablemates for the last punchy spoonful.

White Horse Spirits and Kitchen
325 S. Main, SLC

subVegElotesElotes $3
At chef and owner Matt Lake’s newest restaurant, Alamexo Cantina near 9th and 9th, you’ll find the humble elotes side dish. Celebrating the simplicity and flavors found south of the border, this Mexican street corn dish surprises and delights—bright kernels dressed with an addictive lime aioli, a generous dusting of queso fresco and a sprinkle of mild chile molido. It pairs perfectly with a margarita custom made with your choice of tequila.

Alamexo Cantina
1059 E. 900 South, SLC


subVegBrusselsBrussels sprouts $6
Eva’s Brussels sprouts have stood the test of time—living on the small-plates menu since the restaurant opened in 2009. Chef and owner Charlie Perry shaves the raw sprouts so they cook quickly when sautéed in butter. Toasted hazelnuts, a splash of tangy apple cider vinegar and a pinch of sea salt are all that’s needed to make these tiny cruciferous vegetables sing. You can easily find the recipe online to make them yourself or venture down Main Street for a visit to one of Utah’s original tapas restaurants.

317 S. Main, SLC

subVegZanaZanahorias $9
Under the watchful eye of owner Scott Evans and former Executive Chef Phelix Gardner, Finca introduced Salt Lake to Spanish tapas in a fresh new light. Here, even vegetables get the spotlight—with plates like zanahorias. As pretty as they are delicious, these colorful baby carrots hit all the right notes of a balanced dish—earthiness from the root vegetables, sweet and nutty tones brought together by the strikingly yellow honey-cumin sauce and brightness from fresh lemon zest—all rounded out by a helping of ricotta.

327 W. 200 South, SLC

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