Use Your Noodle

A quartet of toothsome pasta preparations

If I had a desert island dish, it would assuredly contain pasta of some sort. Sorry, no low-carb diets for me. For fellow noodle lovers, here are four very different dishes—all are certain to satisfy that al dente craving we pasta fiends share.

Bigoli con Ragu’ di Anatra ($22) pictured above
The housemade pastas at Veneto are so delicious and lovingly produced that it’s hard to zero in on just one. Ravioli with pecorino and Bartlett pears? Gnocchi with butter, sage, smoked ricotta and Monte Veronese? How about gargati pasta with leeks, walnuts and sausage? Well, when push comes to shove, my favorite Veneto pasta preparation is the hearty bigoli pasta with rich, bold duck ragu. It’s like a trip to northern Italy, without having to pay the airfare.

370 E. 900 South, SLC

subSpaetzleSpaetzle ($1.89)
Germans aren’t exactly known for their culinary prowess, but I could eat spaetzle—tiny German egg-and-flour dumplings—on a daily basis. And so can you, by just visiting Siegfried’s Delicatessen where the housemade spaetzle is a popular side dish. The generously portioned golden nuggets are served with (optional) glistening brown gravy and are the perfect partners for Siegfried’s sensational schnitzel, and also a great accompaniment to the excellent bratwurst, weisswurst, schweinshaxen or their bodacious Reuben sandwich.

Siegfried’s Delicatessen
20 W. 200 South, SLC

subMomsCold Noodles ($6.99)
The aptly named Mom’s Kitchen is run by two moms—Mama Zhang and Mama Chen—who produce some of the most genuine Chinese fare to be found in Utah. A favorite Taiwanese street dish that I find hard to come by here is dan dan-style noodles with creamy peanut sauce. But Mom’s cold noodles are the real deal: luscious linguine-shaped fresh noodles bathed in a spicy peanut sauce that is second to none.

Mom’s Kitchen
2233 S. State, SLC


subDrunkDrunken Noodle ($12)
As much as I relish pad thai, a noodle dish ubiquitous in American Thai restaurants and especially good at Skewered Thai, I actually prefer their delectable Drunken Noodle (pad kee mao). It’s a large platter of wide, pan-fried rice noodles with a distinctively spicy mélange of tender shrimp, red bell pepper, mushrooms, broccoli, carrot, tomato, fresh chili, egg, onion and fragrant Thai basil, which nicely balances the heat of the chilis. I get a little tipsy just thinking about this delicious dish.

Skewered Thai
575 S. 700 East, SLC

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