Hell’s Backbone Grill

Hailing originally from Albuquerque, Hell’s Backbone Grill co-founder Jennifer Castle grew up with a love of bold Southwestern flavors. Those spicy underpinnings show up today on HBG menu items like the addictive Super Spicy Chile-Migas and their luxurious lamb pozole stew, but are nowhere more evident than in her eponymous breakfast Jenchilada.

“When I was a kid, we’d take leftovers from the previous night’s supper and use them to make enchiladas for breakfast,” Castle says. Well, the popular version at Hell’s Backbone Grill isn’t made from leftovers, but begins with “toasted and torn” corn tortillas, which are smothered in a zippy New Mexico-style red chile sauce, jack cheese, “smashed” sage-potato pancakes, pinto beans and brown rice, with a freshly made flour tortilla alongside and fried egg on top.

subJenchiladaHell’s Backbone Grill
No. 20 N. Highway 12
Boulder, Utah

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