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Since his days in the kitchen at the much-loved Metropolitan restaurant, Justin Shifflett has strived for perfection in his cooking. Now, as executive chef at Stoneground Kitchen, that same quest drives, for example, his search for the perfect pizza crust recipe, which has taken place over years and recently came to fruition following much experimentation. It’s an excellent pizza; time well spent.

subhead_lobsterStoneground owner Bob McCarthy generously contributes to the success in his kitchen by sparing no expense, providing pricey imported industrial-sized Italian mixers and a top-of-the-line pasta extruder/maker for his kitchen staff to produce magnificent housemade doughs.
It also allows Shifflett and his crew to create toothsome, top-notch housemade pasta, such as the squid-ink tagliatelle pasta that he lightly dresses with a chardonnay-cream sauce, fresh oyster mushrooms, minced scallions, and tops with marvelous morsels of fresh lobster meat and claws. Like so many of Stoneground’s dishes, this one would be hard to improve on.


Stoneground Kitchen
Black tagliatelle with lobster
249 E. 400 South, SLC

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