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Log Haven: Nature is delicious here

Situated among waterfalls, streams, hiking trails, mountains and trees in the Wasatch National Forest, Log Haven restaurant is deeply intertwined with nature. That symbiotic relationship is, in part, why owner Margo Provost coined the Log Haven slogan: “Nature is delicious here.”
Korean_subheadAlong with nature’s changing seasons come changes in menu offerings at Log Haven. Although Chef Dave Jones has been doing this for 20 years, he still finds it somewhat challenging. He is not a slave to food trends, as they tend to come and go very quickly, but creates dishes where he is able to source as many local ingredients as possible. And it takes him a few months of sitting at his kitchen table covered in cookbooks and notes to himself to get the menu exactly where he wants it.
Each of the restaurant’s dishes reflect the chef’s eclectic palate, along with his desire to serve something for everyone. From Asian influences like the Korean fried cauliflower, to good ol’ meat and potatoes, Chef Jones aims to please.
“I have some real simple dishes on the menu and I have more complicated dishes with exotic ingredients,” Jones says. “Being up in the mountains, we get a lot of out-of-towners and, as you can tell, the elk and bison are hit pretty heavy. I love ingredients, but I’m a pretty simple eater myself.”
Filet_subheadSome of the newer dishes to explore are the grilled bison teres major steak with poblano chile grist, street corn salad, pico de gallo and Oaxacan chile demi glaze. It’s a good example of Jones’ multi-cultural approach to cooking, highlighting flavors of southern Mexico, in this instance.
Or, you can’t go wrong with the 44 Farms filet mignon with fontina-niçoise olive potatoes, vegetables, Rioja reduction and marrow butter. The filet is so tender; you can almost cut it with a fork. Prepared to your liking, this straightforward meat-and-potatoes dish is simply spectacular.
If you are fortunate enough to be dinning on a night that offers the diver scallops, by all means order them. The perfectly seared morsels are served with charred Brussels sprouts, pomme frites and a lemon-peppercorn aioli. It is pretty much the perfect meatless plate.

Log Haven
6451 E. Millcreek Canyon Road, SLC

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