Salads to Satisfy

Venturing beyond the simple house salad

As the days grow longer, we’re weaning ourselves off heavy winter foods and starting to eat a little lighter. But there’s nothing worse than making the healthy choice only to find yourself still hungry and dreaming of cheeseburgers. Friends don’t let friends fall victim to sad salad situations, so we’ve rounded up four delicious salads that will fill you up without breaking the bank.

1-1Glass Noodle Salad – $12.95
If the idea of foregoing pad thai or another noodle dish at a Thai restaurant is too much to bear, then the glass noodle salad at Sala Thai offers the perfect compromise. Chef and owner Jitrada Dreier serves cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, onions and fresh cilantro over a mound of thin, translucent glass noodles in a light citrusy sauce with umami undertones. Choose pork or shrimp for a protein kick, and also pick your own heat level, from mild to Thai spicy for the daring. This huge salad will leave you satisfied and likely with some leftovers, too.

Sala Thai Kitchen
677 S. 200 West, SLC

1-2Beet & Goat Cheese Salad – $8.29
A restaurant with “Chicago beef” in its name doesn’t exactly sound like the place to scout out sensational salads. But while there’s plenty of beef on the menu, a large selection of salads also presides at this family-friendly spot. So, if your dining companion insists on a burger and fries but you’re dead set on a salad, you won’t have to settle for the only subpar Caesar on the menu. The beet & goat cheese stands out for its creative take on what is approaching a salad stereotype. Cubby’s goes oh-so beyond the standard beet rounds and goat cheese by adding juicy orange segments, toasted pistachios and avocado to the mix, all tossed in an orange balsamic vinaigrette. Make it more filling by adding chicken or tri-tip steak—or spring for a housemade shake on the side.

Cubby’s Chicago Beef
Multiple locations

1-3Smoked Salmon Salad – $14.04
This salad more than makes up for its price tag with its crown jewel: salmon lovingly smoked in-house. Ruth’s cures the salmon overnight in garlic, salt and sugar. Then the fish is smoked for four hours, finished in the oven and tossed in garlic butter. Served with red onions and capers, you’ll almost feel like you’re eating a bagel with lox and the works. Toasted almonds add crunch, while a housemade salsa vinaigrette—made with minced veggies, oil, red vinegar, spices and a dash of Tabasco—keep things zesty.

Ruth’s Diner
4160 Emigration Canyon Road, SLC

1-4Salad with Egg Salad – $9.24
In the back of Park City’s Fairweather Natural Foods, you’ll find a warm, colorful deli with some of the best lunch deals in town. And if you go for a salad, you’ll meet your daily veggie dose stat. Organic mixed greens come piled high with shredded purple cabbage, carrots and beets; diced tomatoes, cucumbers and red peppers; slivers of avocado; and crumbled feta. Choose from one of the housemade dressings—like creamy tahini—then top it off with a scoop of protein such as egg salad—creamy without drowning in mayo, and flecked with celery. Complete the meal with a selection from the organic juice bar.

Fairweather Natural Foods
1270 Ironhorse Drive, Park City

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