Tommasi Le Rosse Pinot Grigio

I know what you’re thinking: Pinot Grigio is so BORING.

Not this one. Pinot Grigio can be ridiculously mundane, but there are good ones out there and this is one of them: Tommasi Viticoltori Le Rosse Pinot Grigio 2015 (SRP $17).

This wine from Italy’s Veneto region – where Tommasi has produced wine for four generations – is more complex than a lot of Pinot Grigio, with good acidity and ripe tropical fruit flavors, white peach, honeysuckle, and ginger. ┬áIt’s fermented entirely in stainless steel, making for a clean-tasting, unoaked white wine with a crisp finish.

Tommasi Viticoltori Le Rosse Pinot Grigio 2015 is a nice wine to sip by itself, but also pairs very well with grilled seafood and Asian flavors – even sushi and sashimi. It’s a terrific springtime sipper.

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