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Grilled Calamari with Fingerling Potatoes

1-1Whenever I’m in the mood for something that swims, I know I need to look no further than Current Fish and Oyster for the freshest fish, seafood and shellfish, all prepared with great attention to detail by talented chef Phelix Gardner. Although the menu spans territory from Thai-inspired fish stew and caramelized organic salmon to shrimp and grits, I inevitably find my way back to the sublime whole Mediterranean branzino. It’s quickly become one of my favorite dishes in town.
Another is Gardner’s grilled calamari. How he manages the make his Monterey Bay calamari so tender is a mystery to me, but the soft, pillowy, bite-size calamari pieces are served on an eye-popping, neon yellow bed of lemon aioli, made with pureed preserved lemons, olive oil, egg and hints of ginger, clove, Aleppo peppers, turmeric and star anise. The ethereal calamari is then dressed with thin-shaved jalapeños to give the dish a little zing, plus delicious fingerling potatoes and micro cilantro. Simply put, the calamari at Current is killer.

279 E. 300 South, SLC


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