Laziz Kitchen

Lebanese cuisine and a sense of community

Derek Kitchen & Moudi Sbeity

“It has been a long dream coming,” Moudi Sbeity says about opening Laziz Kitchen. “I’ve always had a passion for healthy home-style food. Especially food that takes me back to my roots and culture. I really wanted to introduce a taste of home the way I remember it to my community.”

Opening Laziz Kitchen seemed to be the natural next step for Moudi Sbeity and Derek Kitchen after having had great success with Laziz Foods since 2012.

“Running a business as a family is really good,” Sbeity says. “We have our different strengths. It is very rewarding to accomplish something with someone you love. Opening two businesses together is an incredible experience. We go home and think ‘wow, we fed 50 people today!’ At the end of the day, the happiness and satisfaction is very fulfilling.  Seeing people enjoying the food and the experience makes me very happy.”

Stuffed Grape Leaves

Sbeity was raised in Beirut, Lebanon, and has fond memories of sharing delicious foods around a table. Eating great food was just a bonus to bringing different people together to share not just a meal, but to connect. Sbeity and Kitchen hope to bring locals together by bridging their passion for food with community engagement.

Traditional tastes of Lebanon are on the menu and inspired by Sbeity’s home. From fresh-baked pita bread, tabbouleh and baba ghannouj to some of Sbeity’s family favorites, like beef bazella.

“Beef bazella is a really homey stew,” Sbeity says. “It is really healthy and great when you want something warm and comforting. It has peas and carrots and cinnamon and cumin and a tomato base. It makes all the bad things in the world go away … There is no right way to cook any specific type of food. But I wanted to bring that flavor and familiarity into my kitchen.”

Laziz Kitchen
912 S. Jefferson St., SLC

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