Kyoto Japanese Restaurant’s Harmonious Hiyashi Ramen

Kyoto Japanese Restaurant, a Salt Lake City dining staple since 1984, has just expanded it’s already generous and reasonably priced lunch menu to include four new noodle dishes. The entrées are courtesy of Peggi Ince-Whiting, a Japanese-trained chef widely known among Park City and SLC sushi enthusiasts alike.

In creating these new offerings, Chef Ince-Whiting’s approach reflects her desire for locally produced authentic Japanese cuisine, “To put it simply, I chose four dishes I loved while living in Tokyo,” said Ince-Whiting.
The lunchtime plates, two hot, two cold, are each a rich expression of Chef Ince-Whiting’s expertise. All the dishes are divine, using fresh ingredients resulting in harmoniously complex flavors, but I found the Hiyashi Ramen to be particularly gratifying. Hiyashi (the Japanese word meaning “chilled”) is a combination of cold ramen noodles tossed with fresh vegetables, Oregon bay shrimp, shredded crab, tamago (a crêpe-like egg omelet), thinly sliced seaweed and finished with a housemade soy and garlic vinaigrette. Clean, balanced, delicious.

Kyoto’s new noodle dishes are available during lunch hours, Monday through Saturday, 11 a.m.-2 p.m., although the cold noodle dishes may be ordered in advance by telephone for weeknight dinner takeout. ❖


Kyoto Japanese Restaurant’s
Harmonious Hiyashi Ramen
1080 E. 1300 South, SLC • 801-487-3525 •

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