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A1li Sabbah’s popular Mazza Middle Eastern restaurant tempts diners with delectable dishes from Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Morocco, Egypt, Israel and beyond. According to Sabbah, the most popular house specialty among Mazza customers is a rich, complex dish called Chicken & Potatoes Mutabbak.
For this lip-smacking signature dish, boneless chicken breasts are baked until tender in a tangy and slightly sweet tamarind sauce after the chicken has been seasoned with a fragrant spice mixture that includes Mazza’s secret nine-spice mix, plus garlic, cinnamon, bay leaf, paprika and Aleppo pepper.
The melt-in-the-mouth chicken is then served layered with crispy potato rounds, golden sweet onion slices, and basmati rice, garnished simply with minced parsley. Mazza’s Mutabbak is a party on the palate: sweet and savory notes mingling with the oh-so tender chicken and pockets of spiciness from the Aleppo pepper.
Enjoying Chicken & Potatoes Mutabbak is also a good excuse to explore wines from Mazza’s intriguing selection. Mazza offers vintages from Lebanon and Israel, including Lebanese Ksara Sunset Rosé, which is an ideal pairing for this can’t-miss dish. ❖

—Ted Scheffler
Photos by Niki Chan

Chicken & Potatoes Mutabbak
912 E. 900 South, SLC

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