Winning Winter Warmers

Perhaps when you think about winter imbibing, the traditional hot toddy or boozy Irish Coffee comes to mind. While those are cold weather classics, I invite you to get out and try some of the more creative warm winter libations that fine bartenders in our area are creating. From downtown Salt Lake City to Park City, you can find soul-warming cocktails, sure to keep away the chills.

Drink1The Cocktail:
Gin and Ginger
The Maker:
Chris Panarelli
OP Rockwell
268 Main Street, Park City

If you are into craft cocktails, OP Rockwell is a spot you don’t want to miss, and Chris Panarelli is doing his part to blow up the cocktail scene here in Utah. The Gin & Ginger cocktail is a great example of his creativity and skill. Using Beehive Barrel Reserve Gin, lemon juice, housemade ginger simple syrup, red wine and aromatic bitters, he has created a beautiful, vibrant and hearty winter cocktail. He’ll even ignite the cinnamon stick garnish for an extra smoky component. It is definitely worth a trip to Park City.

Drink2The Cocktail:
Damn Fine Coffee
The Maker:
Zade Womack
The Rest
331 S. Main, SLC

Mixing winter staples like coffee and bourbon is a fantastic idea, and Zade Womack at The Rest knows quite a bit about both (when he’s not creating cocktails, he is serving up coffee at Blue Copper Coffee Room). This coffee cocktail is a comforting, hot beverage that is sure to rid your winter worries. Created with Blue Copper coffee, bourbon, Bitters Lab Charred Cedar and Current bitters, and San Maria Italian Amaro, Damn Fine Coffee delivers a well-rounded, roasted flavor and is topped with housemade vanilla and bitters whipped cream, which adds just enough sweetness to put a silly grin on your mug.

Drink3The Cocktail:
Winter Cup
The Maker:
Cherie Bartleson
Trio Café
680 S. 900 East, SLC

Cherie Bartleson at Trio Café Downtown is wonderfully creative with her cocktails. Like many of her craft cocktails, the Winter Cup is based on a classic (Pimm’s Cup), but with the addition of craft ingredients that she makes in-house.The Winter Cup combines rye, Pimm’s No. 1, apple brandy and luxurious housemade cider. This flavorful beverage incorporates gala and red-delicious apples, pears and ginger. Its tart pomegranate finish really sings. The Winter Cup is a bright, complex cocktail that smells incredible and tantilizes the taste buds.

Drink4The Cocktail:
Jersey Winter
The Maker:
Bijan Ghiai
Pallet Bistro
237 S. 400 West, SLC

If you aren’t familiar with Bijan Ghiai’s bar program at Pallet, you should be. Bijan recently won the United States Bartenders’ Guild Utah Fall Cocktail Contest and is proving to be one of the city’s best and most creative drink slingers. Bijan’s Jersey Winter cocktail is perfectly balanced, soft, rounded and delicious. The beautiful and pulpy craft cocktail is a brandy-based toddy with depth. Pear and citrus flavors along with Boker’s bitters make the drink complex, yet approachable.Apple Brandy, Dry Curacao and Brillet Pear Liqueur give it an oaky, earthy finish—perfect to cap off
a cold evening.

Photos by Derek Carlisle

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