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Manoli’s Lamb Belly Sliders

If you show up at Manoli’s Greek-inspired restaurant looking for gyros and souvlaki, you’ve come to the wrong place. For starters, the clean, airy, modern space doesn’t look like the traditional Greek restaurant. And, Manoli Katsanevas cooks up Greek meze and entrees like psari psito, but with a bold, contemporary flair. For example, he takes what is probably Greece’s most iconic food—lamb—and turns it into lamb-belly sliders that would fit perfectly into the grooviest hipster eatery.
Virtually everything at Manoli’s is made from scratch, including his Greek coffee barbecue slider sauce, which is a smoky, spicy blend of red-wine vinegar, brown sugar, smoked paprika, dry mustard, Nescafe frappé and cayenne pepper. Square slabs of lamb belly are seared simply with salt and pepper and served on artisan buns with house-pickled hot-house cucumbers and a smoked feta cheese spread of cream cheese, scallions and feta, all smoked with hickory chips. These sensational sliders come three to a plate. But trust me, once you taste one, you’ll want a dozen. Try them with one of Manoli’s creative cocktails, such as the Moscow Moulári. ❖

402 E. 900 South, SLC


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