Celebrate with Sparkles

“Come quickly, I’m tasting stars.” —Dom Perignon

Photos by Derek Carlisle

As the holidays approach, those who enjoy imbibing often find themselves ordering more bubbly beverages than usual. With all of the celebrations—from carving the Thanksgiving turkey to toasting the midnight hour on New Year’s Eve—sparklers are a basic staple of the holiday season. But this year, we challenge you to try sparkling wine mixed cocktail-style! There’s a host of creative ways to enjoy the bubbly this season, including these four unique cocktails that incorporate sparkling wine, from bone-dry to sensuously sweet.

Drinks1The Cocktail:
The Stone Spice Pear
The Maker:
Tiffany Gratteau,
Stoneground Kitchen
249 E. 400 South

The new, beautiful bar and lounge at Stoneground Kitchen is the perfect place to enjoy a celebratory craft cocktail like the Stone Spice Pear. Created with the chilly season in mind, this cocktail combines muddled fresh pear, allspice berries, spiced rum, clove and house-made brown-sugar simple syrup. The savory notes will make you want to put on a warm sweater and cozy up next to a fire, but the topper of Brut Champagne makes you want to celebrate late into the evening. Easy to sip and the perfect soul warmer, this is “the” cocktail to enjoy on a snowy evening with great conversation!

Drinks2The Cocktail:
Vino Asino
The Maker:
Cliff Reagle,
BTG Wine Bar
63 W. 100 South, SLC

Do you fancy the freshness of a Moscow Mule or Mojito? Then you will love the Vino Asino created at BTG Wine Bar. This refreshing prosecco beverage is a perfect balance of earthy and sweet. Mint, cucumber, Sugarhouse Vodka, celery bitters and fresh-squeezed lime create an aromatic cocktail that you can almost taste before it hits your lips. Topped with Adriano Adami Garbél Prosecco Brut and served in a copper mug, this cool, easy-sipping bubbly drink is one of my new favorites in the city.

Drinks3The Cocktail:
Elder 75
The Maker:
Giancarlo Farina,
3364 S. 2300 East, SLC

If you like your bubbles brut and crisp, the Elder 75 is for you. This citrus cocktail starts off dry and finishes tart. Beehive Barrel Reserve Gin, St. Germain and a hint of citrus are topped off with Gruet Brut Sparkling Wine. The Barrel Reserve Gin adds a roundedness and creates a full-bodied flavor, but don’t let the St. Germain fool you into thinking you are getting a sweet cocktail. The Elder 75 highlights the overall dryness of the Gruet Sparkling Wine and will leave your palate refreshed and ready for Provisions’ amazing dishes.

Drinks4The Cocktail:
Naughty & Nice
The Maker:
Kimi Eklund,
Kimi´s Chop and Oyster House
2155 S. Highland Drive, SLC

The Naughty & Nice cocktail truly lives up to its name: a beautiful beverage that changes its flavor profile several times, from the first sip of the dry Jaume Cristalino Spanish Cava to the last taste of Lingonberry sorbet. Yes, that’s right—this drink features house-made sorbet made from fresh lingonberry preserves. As you get further into drinking this cocktail, the sweeter it becomes. Add Absolut Vodka and lime, and this celebratory concoction really hits all the notes—from dry and tart to acidic and sweet. Enjoy a Naughty & Nice to end your meal, and I suggest doing it in Kimi’s beautiful fireplace lounge. ❖

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