Do It Yourself

When I was asked to become editor of Devour Utah, I gave the notion about two seconds’ thought and said, “Hell, yes!” Edit a publication devoted to food and drink? Hell, yes.

This is the DIY—Do It Yourself—issue of Devour and that theme seems especially apt when it comes to cooking, creating cocktails, building restaurants and such. What could be any more DIY than that?

I’ve been gardening for a few years, strictly as an amateur, but Rebecca Ory Hernandez’ article here about locally sourced seeds has opened up an entirely new world to me. There’s so much about seeds I didn’t know. With what I learned from Rebecca and Mountain Valley Seed Co., I feel I’m about ready to go pro.

I’d never even thought about making my own cheese before, until I read Amanda Rock’s DIY ricotta piece. Turns out making homemade ricotta is easier than making a trip to the grocery store, and the end product tastes more fresh and wholesome. Who knew?

Restaurant design and décor has always been a bit of a mystery to me. How do they do it? Where do they begin? Those are questions I entertain when I hear someone is going to create a new restaurant. It’s an amazing thing, really—to take an empty space and turn it into a place where people will want to break bread together. Darby Doyle’s article about DIY restaurant design is enlightening and captures the creative juices that power some of our favorite local restaurants.

I thought I knew a thing or two about Jewish delis, but Michael Feldman’s article about the origins of the Jewish deli in Utah and elsewhere really opened my eyes. Am I excited for you to read these and the other terrific articles in Devour DIY? Hell, yes.

 Mountain Valley Seed Co. Devour Utah
Snapshots of a visit to Mountain Valley Seed Co.


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