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Franck’s Restaurant. Devour Utah. Franck’s Restaurant
Sous Vide Duck Breast
6263 S. Holladay Blvd., Holladay

Images of butter keep rising to the top when Chef Robert Perkins describes the ingredients for one of his Tasting Tuesday dishes.

He cooks free-range duck sous vide so that it’s perfectly medium-rare and the fat emulsifies into the protein, turning it into “duck butter.” He hangs Greek yogurt in a linen napkin overnight, creating what looks like a pale mound of cheese and tastes like yogurt purified.

He builds an “allium garden” out of much of the onion family: charred red onion; a chive “mayonnaise” sauce; an onion marmalade made of reduced sugar, salt and apple cider vinegar; sliced garlic that’s been slowly cooked with honey and star anise; and shallots that have been roasted in thyme-spiked chicken stock for hours so that they melt.

The pear-like flesh of the tropical rambutan, hidden in a red, hairy peel, is pickled for this dish. Eggplant is blackened.

“I wanted to get a nice roasted, kind of dark flavor,” he says, “and have it accented by bright and tart notes.”

Devour Utah

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